Zoom-Gespräch mit Wie-yi T. Lauw, Michael Stockhausen und Roberto Uribe Castro

The artists Wie-yi T. Lauw and Roberto Uribe Castro talk with the art historian Michael Stockhausen not only about their works in the exhibition, but also about their way to art and in art and last but not least about their joint work “Even Dust can burst into flames”.

Wie-yi T. Lauw: Dunkle Paarung i

The artist Wie-yi T. Lauw lives and works in Berlin. Wie-yi T. Lauw’s photographic works Dunkle Paarung II and installation Dunkle Paarung I deal with interconnections and the consequences of colonialism. The artist questions the interplay of identity and memory, of cultural heritage in the digital-global age. About Dunkle Paarung I, the tall installation in the large exhibition space, art historian Lynn Busch writes: “The images of cultural inscription and superimposition arise precisely in the impossibility of disentangling the materials. The net is no longer solely a symbol of capture, but becomes a carrier of the Other. At the same time, it retains its dominant position precisely through this function of the carrier: the net not only determines the formation and arrangement of the individual flowers, it also decides on a before and behind, an outside and inside: it becomes a border site.”

Roberto Uribe Castro: Seringuieros (at the wall works from Bruno Hadjih and Rie Tanji)

Berlin-based Roberto Uribe Castro investigates the persistence of colonial testimonies, using materials and elements linked to the site to make forgotten historical events visible. In his installation Seringueiros, he refers to the history of rubber workers linked to the everyday object of car tires. However, the exploitation of people and nature for industrial production is hardly known.

Wie-yi T. Lauw und Roberto Uribe Castro: Even Dust can burst into flames (part of room view)

REDRAW TRAGEDY also features his collaboration with Wie-yi T. Lauw Even dust can burst into flames, which addresses the 2017 forest fires in Portugal. His participatory project Quarantine Diaries is also part of the exhibition. His social media action, created during the first Corona wave, collects photos of soaps from all over the world.

Michael Stockhausen studied art history and literature. Since 2014, he has been teaching at the Institute of Art History at the University of Bonn, among other places, with a focus on modern and contemporary art as well as art theory. He lives and works in Bonn.

He conceived and directed various exhibitions and event formats, writes artist texts, catalog articles, and reviews.

The joy of discussion and thinking with art determine his curatorial approach. He enriches exhibition and digital program with critical thoughts in word and text.


Wie-yi T. Lauw: https://wieyi.at/

Roberto Uribe Castro: http://www.robertouribecastro.de/en

Roberto Uribe Castro: Seringueiros
At the background: Wie-yi T. Lauw, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Rie Tanji
Wie-yi T. Lauw: Detail from Dunkle Paarung i
Roberto Uribe Castro: Detail from Seringuieros